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Ctrl-X is dangerous...
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I like to keep track of my draft revisions, so that I can study and improve my writing process. It's a good thing I do this.

Today, I Crtl-X a large section of text that I intended to move to a different location in the chapter I'm editing, but I forgot I had the content in the clipboard and continued to edit other parts of the text. I finally remembered that I had removed the section when I looked for a reference. I have to tell you, I panicked. When I finally caught my breath, I looked for the version number I was editing and I just opened the previous version and Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V the content back into the right place.

Why am I not using a repository? I thought about using one, but I don't want to have anything dangling anywhere. I feel safer if I keep everything self-contained in my laptop and my external backups.

Moral of the story: backups are your friend.


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I wonder how many bloggers have said some variant of "backups are your friend"?

Seriously though, why has the standard OS clipboard functionality been improved over time? For text editing, you should definitely be allowed to keep more than one thing in your clipboard. Even being able to hold only 3 items in your clipboard at a time would make huge improvements without a major hit to memory usage.

Another feature that I'd love to see is being able to swap your clipboard with the currently selected text.
By OpenID clinch, at 6:57 AM

In the above comment i meant to say "Why HASN'T the standard OS clipboard functionality been improved over time?"
By Blogger clinch, at 6:59 AM

Keep back ups....I don't think you can say it enough. And yet, you hear horror stories all the time.

And MS Word actually has the clipboard where you can store a few things at a time. However, I turn it off cause I don't like it. :)

I guess I should start using it...

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