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Ctrl-X is dangerous...
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I like to keep track of my draft revisions, so that I can study and improve my writing process. It's a good thing I do this.

Today, I Crtl-X a large section of text that I intended to move to a different location in the chapter I'm editing, but I forgot I had the content in the clipboard and continued to edit other parts of the text. I finally remembered that I had removed the section when I looked for a reference. I have to tell you, I panicked. When I finally caught my breath, I looked for the version number I was editing and I just opened the previous version and Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V the content back into the right place.

Why am I not using a repository? I thought about using one, but I don't want to have anything dangling anywhere. I feel safer if I keep everything self-contained in my laptop and my external backups.

Moral of the story: backups are your friend.


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