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Happy Pi day
Monday, March 14, 2005

Yes sir, it's March 14, 2005 or 3.14.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate π day? Follow the steps:
  1. Buy a real pie - I suggest an apple pie
  2. Round a group of people around the pie in a perfect circle
  3. At exactly 3:14:15 PM, have one person at a time, travel r (the radius) of the circle to grab a piece of pie
  4. Repeat until a full 360° has been completed
Instant π fun!

BTW, π = 3 in some states - Ok, almost: Indiana bill sets the value of pi to 3 - Your tax money hard at work.

BTW2, if you like math, you should watch "π The Movie." There is some math related content, but don't expect too much of it - After all, it's just a movie.

Plot: some math stuff; the secrect of the universe is revealed by an edible (finger licking) oozing home made super computer; and some dude with blinding headaches plays a lot of Go with some older dude; the whole movie is in black and white - Gives it more of a thriller kind of look.
Rating: π / 4 stars.

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You obviously didn't read the Indiana Bill web page. It never passed so Pi was never equal to 3 in any state.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:00 PM

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