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Stupid JavaScript tricks...
Saturday, March 12, 2005

HTTP is a stateless protocol so we must invent ways to keep comunication between servers and clients in order to create highly interactive applications.

The new "new thing" is Ajax. This stuff has been around for a while, however, google made the news as the first one to successfuly deploy a real, usable application: (Ok, the maps is the second one, but, it is the most visible one).

New "new things" are part of the process of invention, but sometimes the little (and old) things used differently allow for neat little tricks. Sometimes is not only about the technology - It's also about the user and the presentation of information.

I.e. if you keep refreshing this site, the content on the right gets shuffled.

You can think of the randomization as just amuzement for the bored. A visitor will likely visit the homepage once in every visit, and some users only visit once in their lifetime. I'm almost cetain that most people won't notice the small change in every refresh, however, if you're like me, I tend to think that subtle differences in presentation make a big difference: nothing bleading edge here, no Flash, no Ajax - Just a stupid JavaScript trick.

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