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The beautiful game (Part II)
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Brasil won the confederation cup. What a great game and what great goals.

Adriano is a bull in the pitch and he's probably better than Ronaldo. Maybe he shouldn't have taken that holiday :)

Robinho is a great player to watch. However, in this cup, he didn't deliver as many goals as one would have hoped. I'm sure he'll get better with age - And maybe a bit of poundage.

Ronaldinho is the start of Brasil now. He smiles, he passes, he dribbles, and he scores. The dude is really good with the football. A well rounded player.

The thing about Brasil, though, is that every player is a star. Brasil can probably put 3 world class teams every world cup - If only they were allowed.

As for Argentina, they looked tired and really didn't deserve to be there. Mexico should have won the semis.

Anyway, go Brasil...The inventors of the Beautiful Game (tm).

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I can't wait for the next world cup :).

By Anonymous C. Subagio, at 10:39 PM

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