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Google rankings
Monday, January 16, 2006

A friend of mine pointed out to me that while searching for "Stupid JavaScript Tricks," he found my site as the number one result from google.

I then pointed him out to a second number-one-google-result: "Software Developer Resume." So far two number one ranked search results point to my web site:And yet I cannot find a way to capitalize on the results--unless you have contract work to offer me, of course, I will not see a cent made from all the traffic. I did try to get a google's AdSense account, but I was declined (I do not remember why).

BTW, google's ranking sytems should not be a mystery to anyone. It is all based on well documented mathematical algorithms. Check out: PageRank on Wikipedia.

BTW2, the growth of the web is organic, hence, pages like mine get highly ranked depending on popularity. Yet, there are services that cheat the system claiming to automagically place a particular site in the top google results--for a fee, these services spam the web with circular chains of links scattered all around to give certain web sites higher illegitimate page ranks.

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