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Proper Sourcing
Thursday, January 19, 2006

I use a Montblanc Startwalker "writing instrument" for my daily note taking (some of us call it just a pen).

One peculiar aspect of this pen is its thickness and weight. The StarWalker metal and rubber is a heavy and thick pen. Because of this, I started wondering what the ideal thickness and weight of an ergonomics friendly pen is.

Thus, I started googling for "pen ergonomics" and found a couple of sites:

The basics of healthy writing - (local)

The basics of healthy writing - (local)

These two articles caught my attention because they are identical, however, only one of them is properly sourced.

Note that I am not implying that is using this article without permission. They probably have rights to publish the content in their site, however, it should be properly sourced.

After doing a bit of snooping around, it appears that Queen's Press takes copyright issues very seriously, so I'm guessing they actually own the rights to all their content. It is interesting, though, that this particular article was published in 2003, and their site's copyright notice says it only covers from 2004 to 2005.

I don't think many people pay attention to this small details. For example, my site's copyright notice still reads 2005--not because I didn't remember, but because I haven't updated my templates. I'll get around to it, with enough time.

By the way, I couldn't find anything on what an ergonomics friendly pen looks like. Does anyone know?

I should mention that I'm probably not the best person to point the lack of sources anywhere--this is just an observation.

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