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Google pages review and tutorial
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

To navigate the google pages tutorial, click on the "Next" and "Back" buttons located at the bottom right hand corner.

Looking back at my entries, there are quite a few of them mentioning google. It is not really my fault. It is just that google releases so many web application and anyone writing about anything related to technology has to touch on the "g" subject once in a while.

This time around, it is It is still a "by invitation" service only, but I managed to get an account with the service.

After playing around with it, I created a Flash google pages tutorial. (Some of you do not like flash, so there is also an HTML version.)

My thoughts on the service:
  1. It is not the first time this type of thing has been done. Anyone remember geocities?

  2. Google sure knows how to use AJAX.

  3. For anyone wanting to create a web presence, it is the way to go for a couple of reasons:
    • Any web site created has google servers behind it, i.e., likely to be on 24/7/365.

    • It is very easy to use and it gives you access to a few templates (they call them "looks").

    • I think google will start deploying little tools here and there; I also think they will manage web domains for some sort of fee (currently, you only get a subdomain. For example, my web page is

    • Most people create web sites to blog, and google owns blogger...and AdSense...and Analytics...And google Talk...

      It really does not take any deep insight to see how all these services will be tied together.
  4. I think google will have to add a payment scheme, in order to make small business use this type of service.

  5. The most appealing aspect, aside from no coding expertise required, it is FREE--you cannot beat the price.

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