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A man of the times
Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Maybe not of the times, but more of the "me too" type.

Yesterday (January 31, 2006), I signed up for google's AdSense, and also downloaded Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 7-Beta.

I signed up for AdSense to see how it works--perhaps I will make use of such advertising in the future.

I downloaded IE7-Beta to see what Microsoft has been working on for months. So far, I am not impressed: the browser crashed on me once, and the address bar can't be moved at will (I don't like it on top). As per the tabs now available, they are nice, but Opera and Firefox have been doing it for a while (nothing really new there). What can I say, I have high expectations of Microsoft's software.

Download IEv7.

Sign up for AdSense.

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New Ad Revenues
$0.14. That's right, a whole fourteen cents...

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