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Little guy 1; big guy 1,000,000,000
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Patents, similar to copyrights, are a good thing. They protect the little guy from intellectual thieves, and allow inventors to economically benefit from their inventions.

These are just a sample of the latest legal battles. Note the "big guy" name on the receiving end of claims of infringement.

Patent spat forces businesses to upgrade Office
    Microsoft has begun e-mailing its corporate customers worldwide, letting them know that they may need to start using a different version of Office as a result of a recent legal setback.
Google (the money model)
Newspapers take aim at Google in copyright dispute
    A group representing global newspaper publishers has launched a lobbying campaign to challenge search engines like Google that aggregate news content.
Patently absurd
    It's the kind of story even a careful newspaper reader might overlook. Tucked at the bottom of an inside page of The Wall Street Journal was a four-paragraph item beneath the innocuous headline: "Pager Maker Gets Patent for E-Mail Delivery."

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