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Outlook 2GB email file limit [UPDATE]
Saturday, July 14, 2007

Read this first, to get the context of this update entry.

After "repairing" the Outlook.pst file, I ran Outlook and it runs; however, there are large gaps in the data. For example, my contacts folder is useless now, as there are quite a few entries gone. I'm not sure what else is gone, but I have devised a different strategy.

Forget the Microsoft tools: I propose to export my important folders and then import them back into a clean Outlook.pst.

Of course, I won't export/import ALL my messages: I will be selective. For example, I'm not exporting/importing the 33,000+ spam emails I have--so I guess now my SpamBayes filter will have to be retrained with less messages.

I wonder who taught spammers to use email?

I'll post the results of my strategy. Right now the status bar of the exporting function says I have 3 hours to go.

Exporting/importing the folders does work. So if you run into the same problem I did, I recommend you export/import your most important folders and forget the Microsoft tools--they work, but the mess left behind is not worth the effort.

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