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Technology Forecasting
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've been doing some research on technology innovation for a paper I'm writing, and found this website: TeckCast. If you are into technology, this site may be of interest (you have to pay for a subscription, but there is some interesting free content).

Where it is at? (rather, will be at?) RFID, B2B ecommerce, utility computing, quantum computing, smart drugs...

For a forecast technological overview, see this PDF presentation: Forecasting the Technology Revolution: Implications for Europe and Other Regions.

A note of caution: these are prediction someone made, hence are not likely to be exact. So change you career with your caution.

Finally, one more link on technology foresight: Foresight Management in Corporations and Public Organisations [sic].

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If you're writing about cutting edge technology, take a look at and talk to its CEO Tony Lucas (you can reach him via his blog). He's got a utility computing platform that is way better than Amazon EC2. It's launching at London's Future of Web Apps in October and is already getting great feedback from Web 2.0 players like Huddle. Good luck with your paper.

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