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I learn something every day: liquid smoke
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

  • Liquid Smoke - All that smoky bacon goodness in a bottle. I'm surprised there is no "CK Smoke." I'd imagine the ads to be very creative: meats, smoke. It's a perfect combination.

  • Schizophrenia and Left Handedness - Interesting study.
On a side note relating to left-handedness: yesterday I was looking around the local BestBuy and I was surprised at how many computer mice (mouses) are available, but none specifically for left-handed people. There are big ones, small ones, red ones, green ones; some have 1 button, others looks like they have 20--I stopped counting after 7; the prices range from $5 to more than $120. The selection is quite varied, except if you are left-handed.

I have never specifically looked for a left-handed mouse, as I'm right-handed but out of curiosity I looked for one. Well, maybe I want one; I'm not left-handed, but I trained myself to use my left hand whenever there is a mouse around--something to do with training your brain to do new things. So now I don't like using my right hand to mouse around: it feels unnatural.

Although left-handed people can use the neutral mouse, I can't help to think that the fancy Microsoft or Logitec hardware would feel much better in the sinister hand. I'm sure that if enough people ask for it, someone would make it and would probably be sold at a store similar to Flanders's Lefttorium. In all fairness, there probably is a left handed mouse out there. I'm just too lazy to google for it right now.

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