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This is just terrible of Rogers ISP
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

From Dr. Frankenweb's Monster:
    Google has always been known for its clean, lightweight, ad-free search page, but Canada's largest provider of broadband internet is under fire today for messing with it. Toronto-based Rogers has begun testing a controversial technique that allows the media empire to insert its own content into another entity's web page, angering net neutrality proponents.

    According to a tip passed to L.A.-based technology expert Lauren Weinstein, the system being employed is manufactured by the "in-browser marketing" firm PerfTech. So far, Rogers is experimenting with the deep packet inspection process only to insert account status messages at the top of web pages like, but it is easy to see how such a technique could be revamped to provide additional advertising to customers.
I wonder why users take it: there are always other options. Although other options are throttling P2P traffic, I still haven't seen warnings on my browser. When I do, I'll likely switch and will let them know why.

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