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Is Ronaldinho out of Barcelona?
Thursday, December 06, 2007

If you follow Spanish soccer, you'll know that Ronaldinho (the best player in the world last year) is not his usual self. This means that he doesn't make the difference in any game, and has become just one more player in the squad. This is atypical since he is a very expensive player and is supposed to deliver the magic in every game.

Of course, high pay doesn't mean the best performer in soccer. Some players get injured and still get paid well. A perfect example of this was Beckham in the MLS. The dude played around 180 minutes for the whole season (of course he came in late).

As per Ronaldinho, I think his story in Spain is coming to and end. For one, he became a Spanish citizen and this means he will have to pay citizen's tax (it's very high; on top of that any percentage of millions of Euros is a lot of money). So his future is likely to be the English premier league (very likely Chelsea) or the Italian calcio (very likely Inter). For him anything is better than bench warming at Barcelona, where the 17 year old kid is playing much better than he is.

If he's not out of the club yet, he already has one foot out of Spain.

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