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UPS is currently one of the worst delivery companies in business
Monday, December 03, 2007

This is the second time UPS doesn't deliver my package to my apartment. Instead, I end up picking up parcels at their depot. What's the point of paying for shipping and handling, if I'm not getting door to door service?

I'm aware that things can go wrong from time to time, but the same problem twice in a row? Something needs to be done.

The problem, I was told, is that I live in apartment and my buzz code is not in the address field when I buy my items from internet vendors. If you buy anything online, the address field asks for an "address" and never a buzz code. So when I call and ask why my packages are not delivered, customer representatives tell me that a delivery attempt was made but no one was available and ask if "I put the buzz code in my address at the vendor's site." Well, no. I don't. It's not needed. My unit number is "906," and my buzz code is, logically enough, "906." No one has a problem finding me when I tell them I live in unit "906." Everyone presses the correct buzz code, except for UPS drivers. The excuse I get from their customer representatives is that it's not explicitly written in my web orders. This is nonsense. If FedEx and Canada Post don't need a buzz code number when I use them, why does UPS?

Given that we live in a competitive environment, from now on, I'll refuse to buy anything online that uses UPS as their delivery option. On top of that, I will not use UPS to send anything. I will stick to FedEx. If you online vendors use UPS, stop. They are diluting your brand.

Note that this is not some random gripe about an extraneous error. And I get that my evaluation of the "worst delivery company in business" is subjective, as some people may be extremely happy with UPS's service. Like I said, things that can go wrong will go wrong. However, delivering things to may apartment should not be an issue when everyone else doesn't have a problem. For example, the same day--and roughly the same time, apart only by 10 minutes--I bought two different items from two different vendors: one of them uses UPS; the other uses FedEx. My FedEx package came exactly one day after I ordered. I placed my order on Thursday at 12:30 AM (I was up late), and my package arrived on Friday at 11:30 AM. Same price, much faster and door to door service. There is no comparison.

I already called UPS and placed a complaint, which I had a bit of a problem trying to figure out who to call to file my grievances. A customer representative said someone will call me tomorrow. We'll see how their customer recovery process works (this is basic service marketing stuff). Regardless of what they say, I will post a follow-up, in case you are interested.

As for my package, I'm picking it up tomorrow morning. What's my package? It's a 100 GB, 7200 rpm hard drive from my ThinkPad X60s laptop. The sooner I do the upgrade the better; hence, my urgency to get this package.

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By Blogger Jay, at 8:39 AM

I have to disagree. I never had an issue with UPS... Now, .

This has happened to me too! 3 times in a row to be exact. thats 3 times ive wasted all that money on shipping and handling and had to drive out of my way to their remote holding facility. i tried calling cust. service but they were of absolutely no help.

i say we organize a boycott :)
By Anonymous Rae, at 8:09 PM

It just happened to me again...

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