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Useless stuff, until someone finds it useful
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cool stuff: And I have to admit that it's not as useless as it seems, as having this categorization allows anyone to search images by color pallet, e.g., an existing site that needs images to fill in the gaps.

I kept wondering how this can be done, and the process is rather simple:

Of course, the hard part part is parsing the images' pixels to get every color; once the colors are separated, an SQL database does the trick. There has to be some compromises, as an image can be composed of millions of colors: imagine the size of the database. Nonetheless, you have 124 colors in total and you can choose up to 10. That is a large number of permutations: 1.63177724 x 1014. You know, as in , where n = 124 and k = 10.

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Pretty cool stuff. I've never seen the multi-colour selection before. has been using single colour profile searching for quite some time. Another interesting feature that they have at istockphoto is the ability to search by "copy space". You can select areas of the image that you would like blank so that you can insert text over the image.

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