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Market forces Microsoft thinks are important
Thursday, December 11, 2008

Market forces is the term used for the things or happenings that shape entire economies. They come in different grades of influence, and are quite subjective. Of course, there are some that affect the whole world: oil prices, for example.

Microsoft--or its Chief of Operation of the Microsoft Innovation Team, Michael Steep--has the following items in the list of market forces to consider for the next 5 years:
  1. Social networking - $240 billion potential
  2. P2P - decentralized data warehousing (insinuates google is the opposite)
  3. User designed sites - user designed information architectures
  4. Mobile platforms - mobile is where it's at
  5. I am the advertiser - get paid for everything
  6. Complete globalization - personal communication globalization, not just multinational corporation headquarters
  7. Virtual worlds - $2 billion revenue industry and growing at 35% per year; more advertising
  8. Network everywhere
  9. Energy cost - optimize your algorithms so they take less cycles to run; therefore, less energy used
Nothing earth shattering, and most seem obvious. Further, depending on what industry you are, some are more relevant than others. However, these touch on all aspects of commerce and can't be ignored. Are you looking at any of these market forces within your industry?

In the video where I got these from, Michael mentions that he has 12 items, but I could only get 9 from his presentation. You can view the full video on YouTube.

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