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New OO language Yava, from Zun
Friday, April 01, 2005

For immediate release.

Today, I've started a brand new company called Zun Inc.

This company will be the corporate head quarters of the new OO language called Yava (TM).

It's very similar to Java (from Sun), but yet different and much better. Yava uses most of the Java APIs from Sun (OO is about code reuse), but most (if not all) of the packages will be called com.zun.etc.etc. and the java.* packages are renamed to yava.* - There will be less confusion that way.

The language is so good, that I already started on a Y2EE version that supports Yava servlets and YSP pages - There is one difference with Yava: you'll have to pay to use it - None of that free (as in beer) stuff like Java - I'm running a business, here.

Where did I get the money?
Finally, my contact from Africa came through and deposited the $100,000,000.00 from a surplus of some oil company that he just happened to be the legal counsil for and, conviniently enough, the CEO got bitten by bees infected with rabies. I don't ask too many questions - Bees with rabies?

Who would have thunk it, those stupid spam letters do work.

To be on the safe side and to make sure my investment is well guarded, I'm hiring the Ex-Enron CEO as my CEO and Martha Stewart as my investing advisor.

BTW, I'm hiring. In order to qualify you must send your resume together with a list of your top 1000 weaknesses. I'll accpet 999, but 1000 would be considered an asset.

BTW2, I found through my lawyers that Java's mascot name is Duke. Man, I like that name. Oh well, I had to settle for a more copyright-friendly name and more original I thought. Hence, Yava's mascot name is Puke.

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That's a real good one. I cannot stop laughing...

- Jay
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:04 PM

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